Who’s Jack?

C.S. “Jack” Lewis was a 20th-century Oxford and Cambridge professor. Friend of Tolkien, Lewis encouraged him to finish the Lord of the Rings, seeing in it “beauties which pierce like swords or burn like cold iron… a book that will break your heart.” Best known for his fantastic Narnia series, Lewis has inspired even more people with his essays and sermons, so many of which (e.g. “The Weight of Glory,” “Meditation in a Toolshed”) enter the sublime. Outside of Scripture, has any other prose so skillfully married passionate imagery with earthy sense? God’s mighty hand was on this saint. Thanks, Jack, for showing us heaven.

As for me, I am an Ohio-based, two-bit sinner, a Reformed Presbyterian evangelical and Orthodox Presbyterian Church member with no particular credentials but with an abiding interest in God’s glory as revealed in Scripture. This site is dedicated to Clive and all who forsake the thin gruel of this world, the mud pies in the slum, for the endless riches of Christ. Soli Deo Gloria.

Comments are disabled for most posts, but do feel free to contact me via email. From one eternal soul to another, thanks for dropping in.


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