What we deserve

Disasters like the recent tsunami always raise these questions about where God is and why He let it happen. They highlight people’s inflated view of their own righteousness. One victim of the tsunami voiced a common lament: “What did I do to deserve this?”

A lot, actually. All of us deserve a lot worse than the tsunami. We deserve eternal Hell. God has given us everything we’ve ever had, starting with the air we breathe, and yet we repay him with disobedience.

God is wise and good, and we can speculate endlessly on how good will be brought from this evil for God’s own glory: Gospel inroads, better preparation for an even worse future tsuami, changed lives among the survivors, etc. However, it would be wise to remember God’s retort to Job (ch. 38): “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?” Who are we to question Him? God owns it and can do as he pleases. He owes us nothing and yet calls on Christians to trust in His ultimate plan for us, a plan to do us good and not harm. This world is not the beginning and end of things, not by a long shot.

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