Narnia and Disney

Will Disney get it right? This site indicates that someone gets it. Perhaps Jack’s famous allegory for children won’t be watered down into Disney’s mind-numbingly shallow formula of the past few decades (It’s noteworthy that even when they were creating their best material in the 1930s, Tolkien expressed his “heartfelt loathing” for “anything from or influenced by the Disney studios.” He thought Disney a vulgar disservice to children.) Perhaps they will even forgo the Aslan action figure.

With Lord of the Rings, a non-allegorical work of “sub-creation,” the challenge was to understand massive historical and linguistical knowledge poured into by its author (not to mention the complex plot). With Narnia, the contextual challenge is something Hollywood really doesn’t understand: Christian theology. Let’s pray that they figure it out. Perhaps it’s most heartening that Walden Media is ultimately responsible for the film.

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