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Aslan and God

George Sayer from “Jack,” the excellent Lewis biography: “The figure of Aslan tells us more of how Lewis understood the nature of God than anything else he wrote. It has all the hidden power and majesty and awesomeness which Lewis … Continue reading

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The idol of indulgence

When I was growing up, teen sex movies were all the rage. Often there was a “repressed,” self-righteous character who eventually learned that he was just as horny as everyone else. By the end of the film, he was joining … Continue reading

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All the denoms

There are a lot of Presbyterian and Reformed churches.

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Luther on your miserable works

What is it about your own miserable works and doings that you think you could please God more than the sacrifice of His own Son? -Martin Luther

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A Glimpse of Heaven in Vladimir

As always in life, the best moments are unplanned. On the way to see the lovely Russian church shown in a previous post, we stopped with our guide in Vladimir. We stepped into the medieval Assumption Cathedral, perhaps around noon, … Continue reading

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Theology boards

Couple of interesting message boards: Puritan Board Luther Quest

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“…The whole earth is full of His glory.” Is. 6:3

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Piper: ESV, not NIV

John Piper has an opinion on Bible translations. More information here.

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Epistles, then Gospel

Bend your mind around this one and its implications: A most astonishing misconception has long dominated the modern mind on the subject of St Paul. It is to this effect: that Jesus preached a kindly and simple religion (found in … Continue reading

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