Was God’s Judgement on New Orleans?

A certain “fundamentalist” group is claiming that God’s judgement was on New Orleans for its immorality, its strip clubs, and its hosting of an upcoming homosexual event. This has roused homosexual opposition.

God ordains calamities (Is. 45:7, Amos 3:6) and there are many occasions where he destroys especially wicked cities (Sodom, Nineveh, Babylonia, Tyre, Sidon, etc.), and many of these for the same sins that have made New Orleans infamous. Calling this “cruel” and “criminal” is blasphemous. At the same time, the fundamentalist group seems too sure of itself on the specific causes of the calamity. Did God keep counsel with them? God’s ways are far beyond ours.

We have fallen woefully short of God’s standard (Romans 3). The fact that any cities remain intact testifies to the mercy of God, who gives all and owes nothing (John Piper has more on God’s involvement in disasters). Hurricane Katrina should be a reminder to not sugarcoat sin, but to repent and jump upon our merciful God’s life raft (aka. Jesus Christ) right away. We stand always at the brink of eternity.

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