Your Love Broke Through

Make my life a prayer to You,
I want to do what You want me to.
No empty words and no white lies,
No token prayers, no compromise.

Keith Green was one of the most interesting saints of the 20th century, a fiery meteor who poured out his life for Christ. His music was unrelenting; witness titles like Sheep and the Goats and To Obey is Better Than Sacrifice. While some of his bouncy, piano-based songs are dated today (a common malady of popular music), Green’s worship music is often fantastic (There is a Redeemer, Create In Me a Clean Heart, O Lord You’re Beautiful, Make My Life a Prayer to You, Your Love Broke Through, Easter Song).

Keith Green’s fierce passion for Christ is evident in this fine DVD biography. See it and be inspired. His burning zeal led to a censorious spirit early in his ministry, yet with maturity he began to understand God’s grace (“A heart like mine can offer Christ so little — at best, so poor and pinched and stingey a hospitality and such meagre fare” -AJ Gossip). Green died in a plane crash at age 28 in 1982, but did more than many of us would do in three lifetimes. At one point he and his wife Melody were housing and discipling 65 people! And these were society’s rejects: hitchhikers, street urchins, and various seekers. The Greens went to Europe and were struck by the need for international missions. And so Keith Green pushed people to go and fulfill the Great Commission (Matt 28:20); thousands responded and still do. New people discover his music and the fire spreads like a lit to an unlit candle.

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