Search for Filtering Software, part 2

Based on the response to the earlier post, there is general interest in internet filtering, so please excuse another detour to talk software…

After extensive review of many sites (examples: here and here), two candidates are now vying to replace Cybersitter on our computers:

  • Covenant Eyes. This $6.99/month product does no filtering (it allows you to go where you please), but it sends activity logs to an accountability partner of your choice on a regular basis. Covenant Eyes has an impressive web site and it gets high marks from reviewers. It claims to be superior to its free accountability competitor, X3Watch . Another positive: Covenant Eyes is planning to release filtering software to complement their accountability service in January 2006.
  • Integrity Online Shield. This is stand-alone filtering software that costs $49/year and you can download the aforementioned X3Watch program from their site as a free accountability add-on. Integrity Online Shield is provided by Integrity Online, the largest filtering ISP. The intriguing thing about Integrity Online Shield is that it leverages a powerful artificial intelligence technology called Netsweeper that is usually only available to libraries, ISPs, etc. [Note that you can actually switch your ISP service to Integrity Online and the spam and web site filtering will be handled automagically for you by their network, but they want $48/month for a 600K DSL connection and $80/month (!) for a 1.5mb DSL connection].

Both products offer free trial periods.

Let the testing begin…

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