Narnia director deals blow to patriarchy

The Narnia film’s director explains how he felt a strong need to alter a line from Lewis’s original:

[W]hen Father Christmas gives the weapons to all the kids, and he says to the girls: “I don’t intend for you to use them because battles are ugly when women fight.” …[T]hat might have been acceptable in the 1940s, but after doing two movies that were, I think, empowering to girls, with the ‘Shrek’ films, I didn’t want to then turn around and say: “Susan, you don’t get to use that bow, you have to rely on your brother.”

Progress strikes again, accompanied as usual by the lilting beauties of political-speak. To quote Joseph Sobran from many years ago:

The ultimate Progressive categories are not heaven and hell, or good and evil, or order and chaos, but Future and Past. Even the cusswords of the Progressive are chronological: archaic, outdated, Neanderthal, medieval.

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