Fun with Firefox

Do you get tired of using your mouse? Arms and wrists get that gimpy feeling?

I like Firefox for many reasons, but especially for its keywords. They allow you to substitute a letter or word for a web site address (URL). These keywords combined with quick search URLs are primo.

Let’s use an example to make it clear as mud. Add a new Firefox bookmark with this info:

Name: Amazon
Keyword: a

Now, hit F6 (or Ctrl+L) to go to the address field, type in “a martin luther” (no quotes), and hit enter. Voila, it searches Amazon using the term ‘martin luther’ and you haven’t touched the mouse. Here are a few more quick search URLs: esv&language=en (note: remove space that was inserted in this URL to fit on the blog)

Use whatever you want for keywords. I use g, d, e, and b, respectively.

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