Filtering software update

Covenant Eyes has not released its filtering software yet. As noted awhile back, I plan to switch both of my machines to Covenant Eyes unless this forthcoming software is a huge disappointment. Given that their technology is very accurate, I don’t expect that to happen unless the software is unstable (you know, a 1.0 version). By the way, for the ten of you using Macs out there (just kidding!), Covenant Eyes just launched a Mac version.

Although Integrity Online Shield will likely lose out to Covenant Eyes, I remain impressed with it. In 2 1/2 months, there have only been two times I can recall where it would not allow access to a valid site. The software has been completely trouble-free on my machine. Integrity Online Shield used with X3Watch accountability software is a far better solution than Cybersitter. X3Church’s logging is much less tidy than Covenant Eyes (in fact, it regularly nabs Jack’s Pipe!), but it’s still better than Cybersitter. And Integrity Online Shield’s filtering is the major leagues; Cybersitter is Tee Ball.

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