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Lyn Nofziger, RIP

Lyn Nofziger, Reagan’s press secretary and longtime confidante, died yesterday at age 81. He was, if I recall correctly, a member of a PCA church. He is perhaps best known as the man who announced that Reagan had been shot. … Continue reading

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Another special ELCA church

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has a church that shields George Tiller. And then there’s this ludicrous blasphemy (hat tip: Rev. Paul McCain).

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The politics of apostasy

Our smarter-than-thou alternative paper posts its share of dumb articles. But this one (4/3/06 Edit: sorry, link no longer works), “The Vanishing Religious Middle,” wins a Stalin Prize for ignorance. It’s what happens when your understanding of evangelical Christianity comes … Continue reading

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Terry Pluto

Terry Pluto from the Akron-Beacon Journal is my favorite sportswriter. He writes simple, honest columns on that painful reality show called “Cleveland sports” (last championship in any of the big three: 1964). A mid-life convert to Christianity, Pluto also writes … Continue reading

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A country parson

In “Guarding the Holy Fire,” Roger Steer relates this tale of Parson William Grimshaw (1708-63): Grimshaw’s dress was plain, even shabby at times. Often he only had one coat and one pair of shoes. He ate plain food and hated … Continue reading

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Things adults and children have done

Tim Ware notes a detail of 17th century Russian court life. [Worship] Services lasting seven hours or more were attended by the Tsar and the whole Court… The children were not excluded from these rigorous observances. ‘What surprised us most … Continue reading

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St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, we stayed at a hotel where, looking out a window, I could see one of Dosteovsky’s flats. Across the square lay majestic St. Isaac’s, commissioned by Alexander I. Not far away was Tchaikovsky’s apartment. Across a small … Continue reading

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Random thoughts about this blog

Lately I have seen critical articles written in various places about mini-popes with blogs. Indeed, you see a number of sites with widespread influence who upbraid and even call the offices of other ministries, and yet few of the people … Continue reading

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Let him be anathema

If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema. -1 Cor 16:22 Charles Hodge comments: If our Lord be “God over all and blessed for ever,” want [lack] of love to Him is the violation of … Continue reading

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