So much for covenant theology

This is some pretty sorry stuff:

Thirty-five percent of those ages 40-64 believe marriage is very important if a couple have a child together; 58% of adults 65 and older say so. Of those ages 18-39, 30% believe it is very important. Overall, 37% of respondents believe a child is a very important reason to marry.

Given that 1/3 of the children born today are illegitimate, and the steady moral encouragement offered by the culture — entertainers, faux-hipster music channels, and so forth — these stats are not so surprising. The word “bastard” (used correctly) is about as popular today as “sodomite.” One wonders how much longer even “illegitimacy” and its moral overtones will survive, for it breaks commandment #1 of the culture: Thou shalt not judge.

And here we see the growing acceptance of perma-shackup:

There was much greater agreement on a question about whether it is very important to marry if the couple plan to spend their lives together. Overall, 65% agreed. For ages 40-64, the response was similar: 66%. Of those ages 18-39, 57% agreed it is very important to marry if the couple are committed to each other, compared with 80% of those 65 and older.

My country tis of thee, sweet land of libertine.

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