“The homosexual agenda is Jesus Christ”

Will the Episcopals finally split over the homosexual issue? I hope so.

To give you an idea of what the remnant is dealing with, here’s V. Gene Robinson, homosexual “priest,” as quoted earlier today at the Episcopal convention:

It seems to me that this debate is about one thing. Do we recognize the life of Christ in the GLBT members of this church. Are we not in this debate now because we have seen the fruits of the spirit in the eyes of our brothers and sisters who happen to be gay. If we see this, what then. We cannot make decisions on the basis of what the [Anglican Communion] does or does not decide. Our job is to discern the will of God here. If we see God in our GLBT members let us say so. The homosexual agenda is Jesus Christ. I know that I am loved beyond my wildest imagining. I am not an abomination but a beloved sinner forgiven by grace. Pilates sin was not that he did not know what is right, but that he did not do it. Let us do right.

As I’ve said before, sodomy is a sin that many have convinced themselves – to the peril of their eternal soul – is not sin.

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