The return of the comment

Last year I killed comments on le Pipe (as the French would call it) due to spam. Well, a year has passed and anti-spam tools have markedly improved. While comments will remain off for most posts, I may open them for select future posts (just as they are open for the previous post). So… I have added a comments link at the bottom of each post next to the category listing. This link will be disabled on posts where comments are off.

Now, allowing comments raises the question of what you allow on your site. If someone puts up an “Arianism is cool” post, or something reeking of the spirit of the age, does the wise man remove it or let it be? It can get tricky. Exceptions abound. And so all I will say is is that I will arbitrarily remove stuff that I think is harmful to others. Who am I to judge or squelch dissent? None but the tinpot dictator of this modest venture, and as such I’m responsible to be salt and light (and to keep others from stumbling) to the best of my God-given abilities. And so it shall be.

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