God’s Gonna Cut You Down

I’ve flipped by and seen this Johnny Cash video running on CMT and VH1. As many in pulpits have decided that Hell is just too divisive to discuss, we see God’s pending judgement proclaimed on pagan TV channels. “Hurt” is easily the best music video ever made, really one of the few worth watching, and “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” is nearly as strong in its own way. We see the hynotic spectacle of a famous assortment of partiers — Justin Timberlake, Keith Richards, Kid Rock, Kate Moss, guys from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and so forth — posing and preening while Cash proclaims God’s judgment against “ramblers” and “midnight riders.” The song doesn’t broach how none seek God, or our treacherous state without the righteousness of Christ applied to our account, but it is still a curious sight to see. It has a Delta blues feel with a strong downbeat, and is proof again of the raw power generated by the long collaboration between Rick Rubin and Cash. Check it out.

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