Adolescents with consciences always in fashion

It was a couple of weeks ago that Senators John Warner and Hillary Clinton announced that homosexuality is not immoral. I thought about that while reading a reprinted Joe Sobran column. Sobran hits it on the head:

The pundits who shook their heads at Lott’s gaffe [in calling homosexuality a sin] were playing it safe by observing the current etiquette. They weren’t speaking as adults who feel any sense of responsibility toward children and adolescents in need of guidance; they were speaking like adolescents who are chiefly worried about what the other kids will think of them if they say something egregiously square. Lott, to his credit, was speaking precisely out of moral concern, not to damn homosexuals, but to help them. Being fashionable was apparently the last thing on his mind. And Washington already has more than enough people whose consciences are always in fashion.

Those who deny the sinfulness of sodomy are con artists.

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