The power of His anger

You won’t see many contemporary Christian songs on God’s wrath or anger. It doesn’t sell; it’s hard to expect much in the way of the prophetic from commercial sources. We can’t comprehend the grandness of God’s holiness or the depth of our own offense, much less that of others, and so, embarrassed, we bypass such unpleasantries.

Who wants to hear it? No one. Who needs to hear it? Everyone. God’s righteous wrath and anger are prominent throughout Scripture, mentioned dozens of times in the Psalms alone. Psalm 90, the psalm of Moses, features an example worthy of reflection:

Who considers the power of your anger, and your wrath according to the fear of you? -Psalm 90:11

Matthew Henry comments:

The angels that sinned knew experimentally the power of God’s anger; damned sinners in hell know it; but which of us can fully comprehend or describe it? Few do seriously consider it as they ought. … God’s wrath is equal to the apprehensions which the most thoughtful serious people have of it; let men have ever so great a dread upon them of the wrath of God, it is not greater than there is cause for and than the nature of the thing deserves. God has not in his word represented his wrath as more terrible than really it is; nay, what is felt in the other world is infinitely worse than what is feared in this world.

May these warnings drive the unbeliever to flee the wrath to come and seek mercy at Christ’s feet, and drive the believer to thankfulness and greater obedience (“trembling at the threatenings,” as it says in the Westminster Confession).

My flesh trembles for fear of you, and I am afraid of your judgments. -Psalm 119:120

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