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Beyond labels

This is Funny stuff. It reminded me of what we learned about Hillary Clinton in a breathless and unintentionally hilarious old Washingon Post profile (“Hillary Clinton’s Inner Politics,” May 6, 1993). The first line of the article is one of … Continue reading

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Who would Jesus bomb?

Lately I’ve noticed many cars bearing the bumper sticker “Who would Jesus bomb?” I assume it’s a slap at those Christians who support the Iraq war and yet wear their “What would Jesus do?” bracelets (though that fad has mostly … Continue reading

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Word and Spirit work together

For all are ready to object that they only speak from God. So today the Papists boast with professorial superciliousness that all their inventions are the oracles of the Spirit. Mohammed, too, asserts that he has drawn his dreams only … Continue reading

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Down the memory hole

And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. -narrator in Fellowship of the Ring Another July 4 has gone by, one where once again we drank in large gulps the blessing … Continue reading

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Great men

Those who have the world in their hearts lament the loss of great men more than the loss of good men. -Matthew Henry, comment on Ezek 26:17.

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