Not trained for warfare?

I have often recommended the Reformation Study Bible. Its notes are very helpful, but occasionally there is an oddity. Nahum predicts the downfall of Assyria, and verse 3:12 uses this allusion to the disintegration of its armies:

Behold, your troops are women in your midst.

Now, without further comment, let’s compare the RSB to Matthew Henry in discussing this verse:

In the face of the approaching army all the Assyrian troops are like women (i.e. not trained for warfare). -RSB

[T]hey have no wisdom, no courage; they shall be fickle, feeble, and fainthearted, as women commonly are in such times of danger and distress; they shall be at their wits’ end, adding to their griefs and fears by the power of their own imagination, and utterly unable to do anything for themselves; the valiant men shall become cowards. -Matthew Henry

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