The junkyard of possessions

Recently I come across some old reruns of Let’s Make a Deal, the 60s and 70s game show where Monty Hall offered prize deals to a costumed studio audience. I remember wishing that I was in that ooh-ing and aah-ing group, competing for the wonderful merchandise.

The enjoyment of watching the shows now, 35 years removed, is that the prizes are so shabby and unappealing: A station wagon, a $400 encyclopedia set, nasty-looking furniture and carpeting, a camper, a refrigerator with an AM/FM dial, an 8-track unit, a 19″ tube TV. That which was new now looks so old. Once coveted, these items now litter junkyards across America. Doesn’t the same fate await the things in today’s Christmas ads?

Only Christ remains valuable and worthy.

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