Decisions decisions

For any who are job searching over a Christmas break, this Sproul anecdote may be of help. This is the way we are to make decisions in all “gray areas.”

After declining the invitation to teach at [a merged] seminary, I was without a job and had no prospects. It was a frightening situation. My wife and I prayed seriously for God’s providential guidance for our family. I had some Christian friends who were aware of our struggle and our desire to be where God wanted us to be. While we looked at job possibilities, some of those friends told me in all earnestness that God had revealed to them that I should take job number one. Another advised me to take job number two. I received five different reports as to where God desired me to be employed. Finally I pointed out that unless God wanted me to work in five different cities at the same time, some of my friends were not being led by the Holy Spirit. As it turned out, I took a sixth job offer, about which none of my friends had had a private revelation. I made the decision by following scriptural principles, soberly analyzing my gifts and talents and the needs and opportunities available. [my emphasis] -R.C. Sproul, from Truths We Confess, p. 18

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