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O Canada

I rarely post articles like this, but this one on Canada (pdf also available) is witty and revealing. And while we’re on the political topic, the WSJ tells us about the “Green Patriarch,” who evidently believes that pagan politicians are … Continue reading

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Things above

One dumb thing we occasionally hear is that we can be “so heavenly minded that we’re no earthly good.” It figures that this quip, which belongs in the same closet with falsehoods like “God helps those who help themselves,” was … Continue reading

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Phil’s Bookmarks

It’s been on my blogroll for a long time, but Phil’s Bookmarks is a helpful internet resource. I don’t share his credobaptism, but these are (mostly) excellent comments on a huge number of theological web sites. The image on the … Continue reading

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Law and Gospel is practical!

Much of the evangelical preaching with which I am familiar neither inspires a terror of God’s righteousness nor praise for the depths of God’s grace in his gift of righteousness. Rather, it is often a confusion of these two, so … Continue reading

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Big prayers

Back in the early 90s heyday of Windows 3.x, someone created a funny little program called Tiny Elvis. From time to time, a little Elvis Presley figure would arouse from slumber at the bottom of your desktop and say things … Continue reading

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Dick Morris on Huckabee

Political analyst Dick Morris tells us this about Mike Huckabee: A New Testament Christian politician, he takes the Biblical message to the center-left, clothing the naked and feeding the hungry. That’s a lot of falsehood for one sentence. In it … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Thought

As Chrsitians, we believe that God has revealed Himself in His word. The Bible is a revelation of what we need to know. It doesn’t tell us everything about everything, but it tells us, in the words of the Westminster … Continue reading

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