There’s an episode of Star Trek where people on a planet walk about like zombies. Then the clock strikes 6pm and the zombies… go nuts. This is what our nation seems to be doing right now. The government is responding to a crisis it created by just… going… insane.

So GM, you snowed yourself under with absurd labor contracts and bad management? Have some money. AIG, you need another 40 billion? Here you go. Today we learned that the Fed refuses to identify the receipients of two trillion in bank loans. That’s two thousand billion.

I never expect Democrats to have sense, but that almost no one in the Republican party (other than Ron Paul) gets WHY all this is happening, and I just have to think that this is mass delusion. Is God bringing America to heel as he brought Nebuchadnezzar to heel?

We’re headed toward major inflation. It’s already way understated, which is pretty obvious when you look at how much more even stuff like fast food costs when compared to how much purchasing power you have. I’d rather be holding gold than dollars now.

I suggest everyone go out and buy a wheelbarrow. You may eventually need it to cart around your worthless dollars. Also, this book may help as you consider how to react.

People are finally cutting back and beginning to save, but the government is making up for that by spending an unbelievable amount of money that it does not have. Any savings people gain by prudence is being destroyed by government counterfeiting (what you save will purchase less because the currency is being devalued). It’s a like a guy who has five maxed out credit cards, and he says to himself, “I need to stop charging stuff. It’s time to start working and saving.” And our government, bearing stimulus checks and artificially low interest rates, responds: “No, don’t be irresponsible, we’ll give you another credit card, just keep the party going. Keep spending.” It’s like a national impoverishment wish. The government is slowly and effectively destroying this nation’s wealth. The Keynesians will never get it: spending doesn’t create prosperity. Instead, it’s savings and production, both of which enable you to spend money you actually have, that create prosperity.

And now we have Obama and all his brilliant ideas to look forward to: card check, more “stimulus,” more spending, fully nationalized health care… just what we don’t need. Change apparently means “more of the same on steroids.” (And more abortions). George W. Hoover seems to be making way for Barack Delano Roosevelt. Despite what the history books tell you, that’s not a good thing.

My pastor — perhaps the most thoughtful person I’ve ever encountered– believes, I think rightly, that the utterly irresponsible policies this government continues to pursue will have repercussions for the next 30 years. He believes that we may be entering a period where the church will not be a collection of free agents, but a community who will– out of economic necessity– have to really rely on each other. And that this may well used by God to empower the church’s internal unity and its witness to the world.

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