Christmas reflections

Pastor Matt Timmons has a good post that informs this one and expands on a past post.

Has anyone else noticed that there are fewer Christmas lights at stores this year? It’s like retailers’ joy is snuffed out. Mine has increased; I wish there were more lights!

My 81-yr old mom told me recently that she sort of welcomes this economic downfall and a “return to what is important.” Despite the criminality of what the government has done, I think I understand that sentiment. I’m tired of conspicuous consumption: $5 lattes, BMWs, $300 toys, etc. These things may be considered blessings, and of course I heartily oppose forcing consumers to act as I see fit, but does anyone else think we’ve gone a little overboard? I’m tired of the Starbucks culture. I’m tired of the shallow, authoritarian movements that hatch from idle prosperity (e.g. the green movement, animal rights, etc).

Americans won’t be making economic decisions to buy paper that has the little recycling thing on them; they’ll be buying it based on what is affordable. It’s laughable that paper is considered “litter” that needs to be recycled anyway. You can cover old newspaper with dirt and it’ll soon break down and feed the soil.

Maybe people will start getting real jobs that build and push the economic wagon rather than the public-sector and non-profit jobs that simply consume what’s on it (not that there aren’t vital jobs in these spheres- e.g. the ministry- but they are in my opinion the minority). Maybe they’ll realize what an expensive joke our education system is and simply stop funding much of it, which will send a lot of people from the public sector into the private sector and lower education costs.

We may learn firsthand why our Depression-era forefathers were such cheapskates. If that doesn’t sound like happy news, well, we’re alive and we have warm homes and families. Most of all, we have a Savior who isn’t phased by any of this. The “things” are being shown for what they are– unreliable vanities. In relief the kingdom of heaven shines ever brighter.

Merry Christmas.

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