The army of the lost

I came across this video last night. It’s easy to write it off as another piece of dopey Hollywood agitprop, but this sort of thing seems to appeal to younger generations.

The idea here is to think up stuff to do and then do it. The celebrities suggest a motley blend of personal preferences, gibberish, patronizing little things (“use less plastic”), and, of course — always — more ways to expand the government and spend our neighbors’ money. Confused, they haughtily ask us to join them in their confusion. Implicitly, the only things off-limits are those that contradict the spirit of liberalism. For example, orthodox Christianity and freedom. Note how none of these wealthy celebrities pledged to invest their ample resources to create businesses that will employ others and benefit society.

Note also how all of this enthusiasm springs from, and goes back to, the benevolent god Obama. Apparently he would approve. If everyone does what’s right in their own eyes (Judges 17:6) enough, the country will be transformed. Sure.

Does anyone else find all this stuff a little creepy? Check out the end of the clip in particular. Given my longtime study of early Soviet history, I’ve wondered what what it is like to witness a cult of personality firsthand. Some of what we’ve seen would make Stalin blush. I’ve never experienced anything close to this.

Our media hasn’t yet descended to the level of 1930s Pravda, but it’s well on its way (see here for just a small sampling of the glorification… I say “small sampling” because I’ve seen a dozen blatant examples of cheerleading in an hour of TV watching on 5-6 channels over the past few days). Meanwhile, establishment Republicans are going to find their tiresome calls to support the country “in a time of war and national distress” used against them… reminding us once again of Dr. Johnson’s famous comment about patriotism.

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