Who’s #1?

What’s the most popular post in the illustrious history of Jack’s Pipe?

“Who cares?” you say. Now you be nice!

The most popular post in the history of Jack’s Pipe is this one. Two years after it was originally posted, it received 280 hits last month. Who woulda thunk it?

The credit for the post goes to the man whose writing I simply rearranged. Bill Mouser, take a bow. Your scribblings have undoubtedly blessed many, including me.

It’s kind of exciting because I like Anglicans very much. I love the music and the 1928 prayer book. I prefer the Thirty Nine Articles, J.C. Ryle and Church Society variety of Anglican to the Rowan Williams variety. I think Anglicans should’ve adopted the Westminster standards, but it’s probably time to let that go. I have a good friend who is Anglican. He sometimes laughs at me instead of with me, but I won’t hold that against the rest of you.

Psalm chanting (and no, this isn’t New Age chanting) is something all of God’s church could learn from our Anglican brethren. I don’t know of a better way to memorize the Psalms. I much prefer chants to the metrical Psalter because you read them right out of Scripture.

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