Relevance: not needed

This is a good talk by Phil Johnson. One of the oddities of church culture over the past decade or two is a rising acceptance of vulgarity. It’s this idea that we need to “keep it real” because that’s what people relate to. How we get them beyond it when we’re sitting there cussing with them is never explained. Nor is how we avoid being corrupted by corrupt speech, as if our flesh is somehow above such considerations.

I wonder if all this faddish evangelicalism is yet another relic of the economic boom years. Now that our phony wealth is melting away, perhaps the pretentious hipster nonsense and titillation will follow it out the door in favor of a mature Christianity.

The means of grace as the Bible spells it out: that’s what we need. All of us. And there’s no need to arrogantly pretend otherwise.

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