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A murderer is murdered

The infamous Wichita abortionist George Tiller, who has long been one of the most loathsome child killers in the country, was apparently murdered by someone today. Bad things tend to happen to people who spend their lives doing bad things. … Continue reading

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Where no one has gone before

I think it was Benny Hill who once did a skit where he slowly plays a G chord from top to bottom. When he comes to the final string where where you expect to hear that familiar high G note, … Continue reading

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Oh joy, another call for common ground

Barack Obama implores us to find “common ground” on abortion. Lather, rinse, repeat. The liberal playbook never changes. “Common ground” means that we all be nice and talk to each other while liberals and their abortionist friends get their way. … Continue reading

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Get ready!

When Peter Schiff goes on TV and spreads his bearish message, it’s never long before he’s called “Dr. Doom” and people joke about what a downer his message is. The idea seems to be that if you see a train … Continue reading

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Fine Dining at McDonalds

Here’s a thoughtful article on McDonalds, one of my favorite dining establishments. The article makes keen points about elitist snobbery and the moral aspects of capitalism. A sample: One of the reasons that the elites loathe places like McDonald’s, or … Continue reading

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Debts, public and private

There is a group on Facebook called “Cancel Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy.” The group has just under 200,000 members (!). Its arguments are absurd, but no more so than any other arguments for bailouts. At best, public … Continue reading

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They’re all criminals

Years ago, I worked with a software developer from the Ukraine. We were talking about something related to Russian politicians, and he abruptly looked at me and said: “They’re all creem-een-als.” Those of you who’ve known Eastern European emigres or … Continue reading

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