The system is broken

The only politician in Washington who is really worth listening to is Ron Paul. I think he may be the greatest single politician of my lifetime. Ron’s son Rand is now happily running for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky. Father and son are both physicians. Listen to them talk about health care.

Ron Paul makes a point in this video that I think is key: the entire government is broken. Barack Obama is attempting to apply a wrecking ball in the form of Obamacare and Cap and Trade, but the edifice has already crumbled. If John McCain had won the election (or if a “Ronald Reagan conservative” had won it), the “reforms” wouldn’t be as disastrous as those proposed by Obama, but at best they would be no better than the status quo. The status quo is unsustainable. We have the colossal and unpayable debt I’ve written about ad nauseum. We have a central bank (the Fed) that steals our money and has doubled the monetary base in one year. We have a massive system of taxation. We have states all over going bankrupt. We have a massive federal bureaucracy. We have a deficit that will probably be at least $2 trillion this year. The entire system militates against prudence and fiscal soundness. It’s way too big. There’s just no lipstick that’ll make the pig attractive.

The only solution to is to drastically cut spending, let interest rates rise to market levels, eliminate regulations, and let the market restructure the country through a painful depression. However, the Republican Party, our supposed party of limited government, whose liberal members even claim to be “fiscal conservatives,” has no will whatsoever to cut spending. They never have. Spending always increases. It went up throughout the Reagan administration. It went through the roof when the Republicans controlled both the presidency and Congress during Bush’s first term. Nothing has changed. Many Republicans voted for the stimulus programs. One-third of House Republicans voted to extend Cash for Clunkers this week. Meanwhile, the utterly reprehensible Democratic Party has the fiscal soundness of a young child.

It’s amazing to hear people say that they support “bipartisan solutions.” How do you think we arrived at our current state of bankruptcy? It took two to tango.

Both parties are just looking for soundbites and leverage over the other one to get the upper hand in the polls. Since neither party will do the right thing, all they can both do is look to escalate the borrowing and spending, and put off the collapse as long as possible. That is what’s going on right now. While anyone with sense should hope that the Republicans stop Obama’s lunacy, understand that Republicans will continue to refuse to take the revolutionary steps needed to replace our house built on sand. Just as they always have.

Nothing will change until the collapse.

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