Don’t sweat the media; be the media

We’ve reached a cultural milestone in the past few weeks with the stories about Van Jones and ACORN. The government has made major decisions based on reporting done by enterprising, internet-based reporters. Mainstream media outlets have almost completely ignored these stories, with the exception of Fox News, which has discovered a bonanza by popularizing them.

This seems to me a marker showing the continued marginalization and irrelevance of the formerly “mainstream” media. For years, they have played the gatekeeper, the government’s lover who faithfully and often successfully kept a lid on things not in accord with their elitist liberal tendencies. Now, as Gary North recently noted, the gates are still up but the walls have come down.

The Drudge Report noted that Mark Levin, a conservative radio host, has sold a million copies of his latest book without it being reviewed in major papers such as the Washington Post. Are the papers biased? Of course. But here’s the point: the book sold a million copies without them. Newspapers all over the country are going bankrupt. Even the New York Times is in trouble.

I still occasionally pay a visit to Newsbusters for a laugh, but really, who cares what, for example, ABC News says any longer? Their evening news anchor claimed this week to no even know about the ACORN story. How many more years will the major networks even have national news divisions?

Don’t sweat the mainstream media. They may be house organs for everything you hate, but they are becoming less important by the day. They’ve lost control.

Influence is decentralizing. It is relentlessly moving to blogs and web sites and social networks like Facebook (where you can influence those who actually know you!). These are great places to influence others, both for good and ill. Christians should use these means, particularly Facebook. There is a lot of “ill” out there, and a need for good.

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