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Jim Wallis

Gary North wittily discusses Jim Wallis’ cheap shot against Glenn Beck. Wallis is Barack Obama’s friend and “spiritual advisor.” Beck’s turrets are now rotating toward Jim Wallis. The Mormon could provide a useful service here.

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Engaging people where they are

As a side note to the “Pharisee” post from a few days ago, I’m thankful for pastors like Matt Timmons who engage the culture where it is. The majority of people aren’t reading N.T. Wright. However, lots of people are … Continue reading

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A milestone day for the U.S.

Well, that was a nauseating debacle. I hope Bart Stupak enjoys his mess of pottage. We might call this the day that private insurance died. I doubt that the imperial throne will need to fight like this again to complete … Continue reading

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It never fails. A pastor writes an article defending Scripture against the latest piece of bad theology (in this case, The Shack). Angry people respond with the charge: “Pharisee!” “Pharisee” is the evangelical version of the word “racist.” It’s usually … Continue reading

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Dump Ron for Mitt– why?

It’s baffling to see how much conservatives direct fire at Ron Paul on abortion. Ron Paul has been pro-life his entire career. Consistent with his views on federal power, he wants to overturn Roe and send it back to the … Continue reading

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