Engaging people where they are

As a side note to the “Pharisee” post from a few days ago, I’m thankful for pastors like Matt Timmons who engage the culture where it is. The majority of people aren’t reading N.T. Wright. However, lots of people are reading The Shack. They’re slyly being indoctrinated in feminism and homosexuality. They have a poor understanding of why doctrine matters. They’ve bought the Church Growth Movement’s ideals hook, line, and sinker. And so on.

Peter Brown said this in his biography of Augustine:

His letters are marked by an inspired fussiness, and by a heroic lack of measure when it came to the care of endangered souls… [They] catch the barely suppressed sigh of a tired old age, characterized by constant quiet acts of self-sacrifice as Augustine lent his pen, again and again, to the defence of his Church, at the expense of intellectual projects that engaged him more deeply.

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