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Beaten cows and lost freedoms

“Animal rights” is one of the great fads of our time. It has bound weak consciences with a false view of creation. This week, a video hit documenting abuse on an Ohio farm. Farmhands are shown repulsively cursing as they … Continue reading

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401Ks: not so hot

For years the financial services industry has instructed us to salt away 10% of our income and watch it grow. They send us brochures showing sweater-clad retirees hanging around a golf cart. Yes, friends, through the miracle of compounding, even … Continue reading

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RIP, Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio, the man on the silver mountain, died earlier this week. His lyrics were sometimes loathsome, but I always admired his incredible pipes. One of rock’s oddities is the 1980 collaboration between Dio and Kerry Livgren, the blonde … Continue reading

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Always, more regulations

Envy is a constant of human nature. So is a desire to steward other people’s money, whether they like it or not. We’ve been hearing a lot lately that almost half of all citizens pay no income taxes. This, it … Continue reading

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