The Republicans and Planned Parenthood

Couple of interesting stories on Republicans.

First, this article on how Jeb Bush was a director on a Michael Bloomberg “philanthropy” that provided tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood. Jeb’s grandfather Prescott was strongly affiliated with Planned Parenthood. Papa Bush (41) was known for his strong Planned Parenthood advocacy too, for which he was supposedly nicknamed “rubbers” until he suddenly became a, uh, staunch pro-lifer. Staunch pro-lifer George W Bush had another such conversion as I recall when he ran for president, just like staunch pro-lifer Mitt Romney (never mind that 1994 Senate race where he tried to out-liberal Ted Kennedy on the topic). It’s notable that Bush 41 and Bush 43 never managed to convince their wives to share their staunch pro-life views.

Second, this article by the always-principled Ron Paul. He notes that when he tried to stop federal funding of groups that promote or perform abortions while a congressman, “pro-life leaders” instead sought language prohibiting federal funds from being used for abortions. This trickery is how Plannned Parenthood could still be federally subsidized for hundreds of millions of dollars yearly despite a supposed ban on federal funding of abortion. It’s deception since earmarked funds that take care of one part of your budget mean that you can use more non-earmarked funds to fund your abortions. It’d be like funding the Klan… but only for their roadside cleanup activities.

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