Yes, yes, no labels

I haven’t figured out who funds the Ad Council, which seems to have a lot of money and is fond of airbrushed progressive propaganda. It sounds like much of its money comes from government agencies. Another thing I wish we could defund.

The Ad Council’s “Love Has No Labels” ad runs incessantly. Two skeletons are shown kissing on a screen. The skeletons come around each side of the screen and… it’s two women. To smooth over the obvious social molding (It’s normal! Accept it!), we are shown more skeletons which are in turn revealed as a mixed-race couple and a special needs child.

It’s nauseating. It’s also ripe for someone with more guts than SNL to make fun of it. Maybe someone goes behind the screens and finds that there’s a zombie biting someone’s neck. Or maybe the outline of a goat back there. I mean, why not, maybe it’s predicting the future in our brave, new, sexually confused world.

By the way, why all this emphasis on monogamous same sex relationships? Why two?

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