Antonin Scalia, RIP… and Satan’s throne

Despite quibbles here and there, Justice Scalia was always one of those Catholics I admired from afar, much like Pat Buchanan. His serious intellect, integrity, vibrant and masculine wit, and familial and religious devotion was a potent lure. I admired his willingness to be a whipping boy and his funny dissents from moral squishes like Anthony Kennedy. Scalia was the most formidable mind on the Supreme Court in the last 50 years. He seemed a good man. May he RIP.

Anyone who needed a practical example of the doctrine of total depravity needed only to review Twitter after Scalia died. Many of the posts were vile, with “jokes” about “pissing on his grave” and wishes for him to rot in Hell. See folks, it turns out that something is lost when you no longer see men as made in God’s image.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, the First Amendment statue stood almost sacrosanct and seemingly permanent in the temple of progressivism. Liberals celebrated their support of the Nazis of Skokie and even Larry Flynt in the name of free speech. Now, however, the statue looks increasingly wobbly. When you have no lasting foundation for a belief, the winds of cultural drift can erode its pillars over time.

The room in the progressive temple is now increasingly swallowed up by the idol Equality, great and terrible, still busily under construction. The wobbly old First Amendment statue may be torn down, all in the name of the love that dare not speak its name. Old temple guards like Alan Dershowitz are worried by the young intoleristas who bitterly revile the Scalia types who dare question their moral autonomy. The Christian apologist Michael Brown noted that “gay activists” used to tell him “you’re crazy, no one will take away your liberties.” Now that it’s happening, they’re saying “yeah, and you deserve it.”

For those of us who’ve witnessed the rapid facility with which gay marriage has attained majority belief in the last 15-20 years and the intolerance toward any dissent from the new civil religion– you can’t even refuse to make a cake!– it’s not hard to extrapolate forward and see Satan’s throne (Rev 2:13), with Caesar leading increasingly direct persecution.

May God strengthen us, our families, and our churches for what lies ahead. The One who walks among the lampstands (Rev 1:12-16, Rev 2:1) is with us.

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