Atheists are a drag

Someone who can be so foolish… so numb to their own nature, so diminishing not only of God’s glory but of their own humanity… I find it so demeaning to my own spirituality, to my own enjoyment of God’s creation, to have those voices in my head… I just don’t like it.

So said the Christian apologist James White one of his Dividing Line podcasts. The noisy atheist, the type who infests every Youtube and Twitter account with mockery about Santa Claus, fables, and theological ignorance would probably doubt say that White is in denial.

I think I know the sense in which White meant it. Have you ever been around someone so vulgar that you thought you needed a shower? I know a policeman who says that the toughest thing about his job is dealing with endless lying, manipulation, and selfishness (the type so well described in the fine book “Life at the Bottom: The Worldview That Makes the Underclass”). It makes you suspecting of all men. It colors the lens through which you see life. It stains you. It drags you down.

The thing I want to ask these internet evangelists for atheism is this: Why do you care to always be pouncing on believers? Using your philosophy, within 75 years you will be dead and scattered to the winds. Who cares what believers think? Why not just go out do what thou wilt to have as much fun as possible before your worthless life ends? Nothing matters. The fact that you do care, that you do find it necessarily to rail against Christianity… says something. As a Christian, I care about what Mormons believe because I believe they’ve embraced a false religion started by a false teacher. Were I an atheist, why would I care what the LDS church believes? No skin off my back.

Repent, or one day you will die and go into judgment alone: no internet backslappers, no Richard Dawkins to cheer on.

Speaking of Dawkins, how many of his greatest fans will one day curse his name in hell?

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