1984’s arrival

Angelo Codevilla recently noted something alarmingly simple: claiming that you can determine your own gender is worse than the Orwellian notion of 2+2=5. Think about that for a minute. It’s true.

This inanity is being pushed by a power elite whose overriding goal is to control others and dethrone Christian influence. It almost seems like a joke to see if they can get rubes to swallow another whopper. In any event, they have activated those, many in our own families, who want to dethrone the rule of God in their own lives as well. People delude themselves with nonsense because they are like moral driftwood flowing down a flooded road. As long as it enhances their autonomy in their own eyes, they are content to enjoy the ride. We can see the powerful effect of endless propaganda and its ability to corrode the most basic facts.

Cue this conversation in the video, where the DNC guy informs us that determining one’s own sex by a matter of will is “settled science” (those familiar with arguments over everything from human climate change to evolution will recognize this phrase, which is progressive-speak for “my theory is right, argument over”). Carlson effectively pushes against this absurdity in a way rarely seen on television. It may be illegal to do it in 10 years.

I rolled my eyes at one thing Carlson said in the otherwise fine interview. He asked his guest to name one scientist who believes as he does. In this unbelieving age, theoretical scientists are the high priests and ultimate authorities, unfolding the mysteries of life for us all… and when the “science” changes and it’s mostly different in 50 years and they’ve thought up new concepts (like the “multiverse”), well never mind that. Suffice to say that official “science” has made more false predictions than Harold Camping and the Watchtower Society put together.

Dear Tucker: They’ll find scientists to affirm “man is woman” soon enough. Where there is monetary advantage, there’s a way.

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