God: The Professor of Every Course

If we could see Him as He really is. God is an expert in every course in school, for it is all about His creation. The creation tells you a lot about the creator. He understands every relationship of every human who ever lived. He knows about the hairs on every sparrow that ever flew about. The earth spins precariously in the heavens, at a perfect distances from the sun for life to thrive. The stars that light our sky are monstrous balls of gas reduced to mere points of light.. Our fastest spaceship, travelling for 100 years straight at top speed, would not reach even the nearest star a “mere” 4 light years away. And yet our own galaxy has a trillion stars and is 100,000 light years in length. And it’s just one of millions, maybe billions, of galaxies filled with stars.. Even with all that, Scientists don’t know where 90% of the mass in the galaxy is… it’s still a mystery. To paraphrase John Piper, the point isn’t that we are insignificant, but that God is significant. What an incomprensible person God is, fully revealed. And yet compare His greatness with our worship. We’ve all been through the boring church service, our own thoughts more on the game that afternoon. The rote prayers and wearied focus on everyday life. How grating it must be to God. Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you see who I am? We don’t get it. Our imagined God is too small. If we could see Him as he really is, unbound by our sinfulness and our feeble ability to comprehend, worship would flow from us like a torrent. It would carry us away into a sea of overwhelming joy and all the sinful desires of earth, all the “second bests,” would grow dim.

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