Kinsey and the 1940s straw man

The wife and I went to a movie last weekend, and one of the previews was for the new Kinsey film. At one point, Liam Neeson (Kinsey) asks a demure couple how many sexual positions they’ve used, and the woman responds something to the effect of “There’s more than one?” This drew one or two titters from the audience, but most people must have thought what I did: Do the filmmakers really think we’re that stupid? It’s not just that the heroic-progressive-taking-on-whitebread-society tune has been played a million times. It’s not just that Hollywood continues to make these falsified histories that are sure bombs. It’s the insulting nature of it all. Boy, those married people in the forties were repressed and unadventurous. They only knew the missionary position! Sure.

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