Rick Warren and the world

It will be interesting to see where Rick Warren is in five years. His “Purpose Driven Life” has sold ~25 million copies and he has achieved entree into powerful quarters. Such is evidenced by this Q&A session from a few months ago. Baylyblog and others have been noting the troubling aspects of Mr. Warren for awhile now– his name dropping, his unstructured theology, and his foray into the political scene. It is not hard to see trouble on the horizon as power brings temptation to conform to the world.

The Q&A event also shows something that has been discussed here before: the idolatry of politics. Note how many of the questions asked are about political matters, which Warren encourages with his unfocused opinions. Never mind my eternal soul. Let’s get down to what’s important, Mr. Warren: What percentage of people voted for Kerry at your church?

The distraction of politics continues…

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