Growing in the Grace of Giving

“Giving” is a subject that has long been on the heart of my former pastor, Larry Allen. And now Larry has written a book on this topic. Do check it out.

From the back cover:

Growing in the Grace of Giving presents the Bible’s teaching on stewardship and giving in a way that challenges many of today’s contemporary views. It shows that God has entrusted His incomparable riches to us both spiritually and, in many cases, financially. This book demonstrates that God calls His people to use enough of those resources for a life of God-centered simplicity and the rest for a strategic investment in kingdom purposes and the fulfillment of our joy. It argues that the biblical guideline for giving is still the tithe and beyond.

Growing in the Grace of Giving will help you discover that the path to God’s richest treasures is found by redirecting your life away from the cul-de-sac approach, wherein you have been encouraged to keep most of God’s treasures for the fulfillment of your own desires. You will learn how God’s grace is intended to supply an appropriate material balance in your own life so you can become a conduit of joyful generosity for the sake of Christ’s work in a world brimming with opportunities to make a difference for eternity.

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