At the Moment

One of the few great (and unknown) rock songs is Stavesacre’s “At the Moment,” released back in the late 90s. It shows the genre’s capability — rarely met — for intense praise. All things come together here in a deeply satisfying way. The lyrics are indebted to various Psalms (46, 62) and speak of that part of the Christian lifely rarely heard but often experienced — futility from sin and lousiness, yet overwhelming awe and hope in God’s faithfulness.

With a sigh i greet the day
I feel the morning on my face
Weary at the moment I awake
Even as I lie
the thought returns to mind
“Welcome to the rest of your life.”

Somewhere I’ve lost my way
from saved to stray and failing
In silence my spirit pleads,
“Is the vision lost
or has it been passed on?
Is there any use continuing?”

My soul will wait
My soul-wait silently
for God, my God (God my refuge)
and I will live
and I know some destiny
still waits for me

His faithfulness, my hope
it brings comfort to my soul
with a still small voice whispering,
“Call upon My name and I
will set you up on high
be still and know that I am God.”

Creation speaks to me
I’m stricken to my knees
in reverence and fear
forever my Almighty
The heavens in Your hand
surpass the grains of sand
who am I before You
elieonai eli adullam [God my father, God my refuge]

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