Random thoughts about this blog

Lately I have seen critical articles written in various places about mini-popes with blogs. Indeed, you see a number of sites with widespread influence who upbraid and even call the offices of other ministries, and yet few of the people doing this are themselves ordained. I ask this of blogs aggressively geared toward teaching: What authority do you possess? It is the role of laymen to for web teaching ministries via their blogs? I am not convinced that it is. (And need one mention the number of women doing the same?)

At the same time, blogs are conversations and thoughts. It seems absurd to seek pastoral blessing to post an article any more than you phone your elder before discussing Christ with a relative. However, at what point do one’s thoughts become teaching? This is something I have thought much about lately, with no resolution (yet). I have left it at this: Resolve to be purposely deriviative in all theological writing on this blog. It’s 99% recycled paper. This is why quotes are common in the land of Pipe. I am not a teaching elder or one given to novel intepretations of Scripture. I’m content to popularize the thoughts of others and stay in the middle of the penguin pack of historic Christianity.

I proclaim freely on Culture posts, aided by Solzhenitsyn, Lewis, Muggeridge, Orwell, various churchmen, Sobran, Hazlitt, Nock, and others. Although interested in political and economic theory, I despise the daily partisan hackery and shilling that the pretentious like to call “political discourse.” Besides, politics is a god of this age. Who but a fool expects much of politicians? Manure attracts flies; power attracts power-seekers. Politicians bring ill-gotten goodies; Christ, eternal life.

Many blog comment sections are overrun by legalists, here’s-what-I-feelers, and other spiritual troublemakers. Whether it’s a sports blog, a political blog, or a Christian blog: erudite commenters are the minority. I don’t want known error being given space on this blog, and that includes the comments, and I’d be compelled to patrol it. It often takes hours to create a simple article for this blog, as the process of writing and editing is a way of coalescing my thoughts. Even brief prose is struggle. Because there is life to live in my local world, comments remain closed.

One goal of this site is to create a reference library of sorts– a searchable compilation of quotes and thoughts. I try to avoid writing endless articles, the exception being when I am creating something for later reference (e.g. the women’s ordination writeup). There are too many blogs posts out there in severe need of an editor; pithy the web is not. A lot of people spend more time writing than thinking.

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