The politics of apostasy

Our smarter-than-thou alternative paper posts its share of dumb articles. But this one (4/3/06 Edit: sorry, link no longer works), “The Vanishing Religious Middle,” wins a Stalin Prize for ignorance. It’s what happens when your understanding of evangelical Christianity comes from talk shows and liberal clergy instead of, well, real life in a local church. I have regularly attended several evangelical churches for the past 15 years, and visited ten others, and can count on one hand the number of sermons dealing even partially with politics. Political idolatry is a problem for many Christians, but most local churches simply are not fixated on political matters. The fault line is theological, not political.

For every Bible-believing church subverting Christ-crucified with politics, there must be 50 beset by moralism. That is, those evangelicals who find the worship of Christ in word and sacrament unappealing to their felt needs don’t want it replaced with marching orders from the Bush administration. They want tips for a better marriage.

And then there’s this:

Rev. Lisa Withrow of Delaware, who teaches at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio and is active in liberal causes, also said she couldn’t name any apolitical pastors.

Now this, priestess, I can believe. As the saying goes, a fox smells its own hole. I and my “pastor” friends are thoroughly politicized, so by projection my Bible-believing counterparts in the evangelical churches must be too.

Politics (aka. power), along with sex, is transcendence for the apostate. Absent the vertical God-man dimension, it’s all horizontal, mano-a-mano (oops, he/she-a-he/she). In more ways than one.

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