Lyn Nofziger, RIP

Lyn Nofziger, Reagan’s press secretary and longtime confidante, died yesterday at age 81. He was, if I recall correctly, a member of a PCA church. He is perhaps best known as the man who announced that Reagan had been shot.

Observing him from afar, I always warmly identified qualities in Mr. Nofziger that I saw in my parents and others from the WWII generation, namely modesty and common sense. Neither abound in Washington.

Lyn Nofziger was a funny curmudgeon. I emailed the wise old operative a few years ago with an honest question:

After watching politicians from afar for many years, I’m coming to a conclusion that 80-90% of them are basically unprincipled and are mainly interested in power. If Nancy Pelosi were in Boondock, Kansas instead of San Francisco, she’d be voting a whole lot more conservative… If Tom Davis was from San Francisco, he’d be voting like Pelosi… People like Dick Gephardt and Al Gore didn’t “change” their views from moderate to liberal over the years; they never really had any views in the first place. They just adapted them to their circumstances, seeking to meet the needs of whatever consitutencies they are trying to grab at the moment (and probably under pressure from party hacks)… It’s Bob Dole’s infamous “I’ll be Reagan if you want me to be Reagan” line from 1996… [And] now we hear that Hillary may run in ’04 as a “moderate.” What do you think of this – realistic or overly cynical?

His response:

it’s the truth with about 90 percent of them. you’re being nice; i call them whores. l.n.

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