A trip to the carnival

A friend and I wandered down to the Episcopal Convention for a few hours today, figuring: How often does something like this come to town? The exhibits there were a surreal mix: Holy Land travel excursions, sodomy advocacy groups, Eastern Orthodox priests selling artwork, youth groups, Anglo-Catholic societies, beads, necklaces, priestly apparel, and books by Barbara Brown Taylor.

The House of Deputies rejected a resolution to refrain from consecrating homosexual bishops. Despite procedural snafus, it went down without rancor. The majority liberals voted no because they don’t regret doing installing a homosexual priest. The conservatives voted no because the resolution was unrepentant and did not address the Windsor Report from the Anglican Communion (which calls for the Episcopal Church to halt the ordination of homosexuals).

And so it appears that the Windsor Report could remain unanswered, and the Episcopal Church is finally on the road to being detached from the Anglican Communion. The runaway EC wagon is then free to compete among the same pagan smorgasbord demographic as the Unitarians.

Just one sample absurdity from the convention, as reported by one of the orthodox Bishops:

[W]e went into a plenary session where any bishop who wished to, upon being recognized, could stand up and talk about how we feel about the Windsor Report. And most of what went on was feelings and stories and anecdotes. And we had several poems quoted to us. And we had several bishops talk about how teary-eyed they were at different points during this convention. And then we ran out of time.

OK, any questions? Yes friends, it’s not what we say or do, it’s what we feel. When we feel so much that we cannot feel more, our feelings lift us into the land of virtue.

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