Companies funding killers

Take a look at this list compiled by the well-respected pro-life group, LDI. Companies have many worthy and non-controversial charities to give to, and yet they fund Planned Parenthood. Many of these companies market children’s products, and yet still they fund prolific child-killers. Let’s not get cute here; that’s what’s going on.

Consider calling or writing these companies to let them know what you think. Anticipate this reply: “We don’t support abortion; we support Planned Parenthood’s educational endeavors!” Which reminds me of an old MAD Magazine cartoon which shows a man standing at a gas station in front of regular and premium pumps, while hidden underground we see that both pumps draw from the same tank. In other words, the money is going into the same pot. It’s like supporting the KKK and telling them that you want your dough going to their administrative functions, not cross burnings.

Planned Parenthood’s “educational” endeavors, centered around promiscuity, are bad news anyway. Hire Larry Flynt to educate your kids and you’ll at least spare them the euphemisms.

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