The task of the preacher

The task of the preacher is to show Christ to his audience. For precisely this reason, some churches have a plaque fastened to the pulpit just below the open Bible and visible only to the preacher. The plaque has the words, “Sir, we want to see Jesus” (John 12:21). The average member of a congregation listens to the preacher only on Sunday, during the worship service. He comes not to hear views on a number of topics that may or may not relate to his life; he has come to meet Jesus. And he meets Jesus through the faithful exposition of the Scriptures. The preacher must be a workman ‘who correctly handles the word of truth’ (II Timothy 2:15, NIV) and opens the Word for his audience. The old adage is worth repeating: Expound the Scriptures, Exhort the sinner, Exalt the Savior” -Simon Kistemaker, Commentary on Acts, verses 8:30-33

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