Lebanon: the missing story

Unmentioned in all the news about fighting in the Middle East is that, according to Professor Walid Phares, a quarter of Lebanon’s population is Christian (at least in name). Dr. Phares is an author and Middle East expert who frequently shows up as an analyst on news talk shows. He adds this in an interesting article about “Arab” Christians:

The overwhelming majority of the Christians in the region are ethnically non-Arab, and their major common characteristic is their subjection to Arab colonialism and Islamic oppression for thirteen centuries. The Christians in the Middle East are not, as it was portrayed by the Arab regimes and many in the West, the followers of Christian faith among the Arab ethnic group. “Arab Christians” exist in few spots in the region, but they are a minuscule minority within the world of Middle Eastern Christianity.

Our Christian brothers, many of whom are descendants of the Assyrians and Phoenicians, some of whom can read Scripture in Aramaic, need our prayers.

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